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Relive Hayden and Finn’s Most Memorable Moments

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The future looks bleak for Hayden and Finn. First, viewers learned that Rebecca Budig was leaving General Hospital (GH). Then, Dr. Obrecht made an ominous threat from her jail cell.

Blaming Finn (Michael Easton) for her incarceration and ruining her career, she vowed to take away what meant most to him.

Before the happy couple are blown to smithereens, here’s a look back at Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Finn’s most memorable moments.

True Confessions
Suspecting something was wrong with Finn, Hayden pressed the doctor until he finally opened up to her. Finn admitted he was dying from Blackwood’s Syndrome, which he’d contracted years earlier. The rare disease had also claimed the life of his late wife.

Stand by Me
After Finn was wrongly arrested for the murder of some hospital patients, Hayden raced to his cell, where she found him going through withdrawal from the illegal drugs that were keeping him alive.

Hayden retrieved the drugs and smuggled them into the jail, helping the ailing Finn.

That Kiss
When Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) questioned Hayden about her whereabouts prior to finding Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) fallen on the hospital stairwell, Finn rushed to her defense explaining she’d been with him.

Later, the pair shared their first kiss, but Finn promptly pushed Hayden away, reminding her he was a dying man.

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Undeniable Attraction
Finn’s jealousy got the best of him, when he thought Hayden had spent the night with another man. He finally gave in to his feelings and kissed her passionately. The couple made love for the first time.

Saving Hayden
Finn was horrified when Hayden entered the lab where he was working with dangerous pathogens to find a cure for his disease and came into contact with one of them.

Realizing she’d been exposed to the virus that was killing him, Finn vowed to find a cure to save her, and, as she neared death, he miraculously did.

Free at Last
Hayden learned that Finn, who was finally free of Blackwood’s Syndrome, was addicted to the drugs he’d been taking to fight the disease. She vowed to see him through detox. After a few relapses, Finn found the strength to conquer his demons.

Baby on Board
Realizing someone was tampering with Finn’s hospital drug tests, Hayden switched her sample with his. As expected, she tested positive, too, and then received another surprise diagnosis: she was pregnant.

As Finn and Hayden adjusted to the news, they professed their love for each other and began to eagerly anticipate their upcoming bundle of joy.

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