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Grandma’s Tears: Gladys Handles Liam’s General Hospital Crisis This Way

Grandma’s Tears: Gladys Handle Liam’s General Hospital Crisis This WayGrandma’s Tears: Gladys Handle Liam’s General Hospital Crisis This Way

General Hospital is about to face a massive tragedy – and heading up to Christmas, no less – as Brando Corbin and Sasha Gilmore deal with taking their newborn son, Liam, off of life support.

General Hospital Polling

And while the bulk of the pain will be experienced by Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and Brando (Johnny Wactor) – well, except for Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) trying to horn in – there is no doubt that Grandma Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) will suffer as well. How will she deal with this crisis? What almost 2,000 viewers are predicting:

Be Better

Gladys has made some questionable choices – can you say, blackmail, boys and girls? – but 36% of you expect her to straighten up and fly right in poor, little Liam’s honor. It’s one thing to be a troublemaker when no one really cares. But can you keep doing it with your baby angel grandson watching?

Them’s the Breaks At General Hospital

She won’t be able to handle it, 33% of the General Hospital audience fears, and will have a nervous breakdown. It was bad enough when she didn’t know where her son was for decades, losing her grandson will be too much. Gladys is a woman who likes to be in control of tenuous situations – hence the blackmail, et. al… Not being able to control her grandson’s recovery… or her son’s subsequent, self-destructive grief, will push Gladys over the edge.

Solid as a Rock

Then again, an almost equal 31% believe that Gladys is stronger than anyone in Port Charles gives her credit for, and she will be the one to hold not just Brando, but also Sasha together. The devastated parents will need someone to take care of them, and Gladys is the perfect person to do it. She will put her own feelings on the back burner and be there for the younger generation as the process than unthinkable.

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