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She Did A Good Deed! Do We NOW Like Nelle on General Hospital (GH)?

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Nelle has been the girl you don’t even love to hate on General Hospital (GH) since last fall. Many of you just hate her and have expressed ad nauseum you want her gone.

However, now that she knows her father lied to her and all her bad deeds were for naught, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) seems to have a supreme case of the guilts and is trying to make it up to those she wronged.

Everyone knew Sonny (Maurice Benard) did a bad, bad thing when he got Jax (Ingo Rademacher) arrested for buying a kidney–Nelle’s kidney to be exact–but then Nelle saved the day and refused to press charges. Does this redeem her in your eyes?

Nope, Still Hate Her
Well, the answer is a pretty clear no. It doesn’t mean she’s down and out, but what she did for Jax doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Out of about 4,000 votes, 40% of you say this absolutely changes nothing.

She’s still a conniving young woman with a chip on her shoulder who took advantage of a mourning family to enact a silly revenge plot that shouldn’t have even made sense to her if she stopped to look at a poker chip in her purse and think about it.

What Else Ya Got, Nelle?
Still, another 40% of you are willing to maybe, possibly, give the girl a chance–just not yet. You’d like to see her do some more good deeds to make up for all the heartache she caused. One little police statement does nothing when the breakup of Carson is concerned.

Give Peace A Chance
However, there are 20% of you ready to give Nelle a chance and turn the page with her as she turns the page in her own life.

Most girls want to believe their father would never purposely hurt them and risk their life, so Nelle was just a girl, without a mother, who loved her father. She’s trying to make amends now, and you’re willing to forgive and forget.

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