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Give THESE People A REAL Storyline NOW On General Hospital (GH)!

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General Hospital (GH) has a huge cast and some veteran performers languish in the background with no actual story or even contract status. Meanwhile, others are front and center nearly every day (even when it’s clear they’re not popular at all).

Soap Hub asked which Port Charles pals need a major story now, and nearly 3,000 of you weighed in.

Calling Nurse Johnson
Can we please see Epiphany more, say 32% of you. And, can we please see her doing something else besides dishing out much-needed advice to characters losing their way.

Sonya Eddy is a powerhouse actress (and singer) who has chemistry with nearly everyone she shares screen time with. Between GH and its spin-off series Night Shift, we’ve loved Nurse Johnson since 2006, but have yet to see her front burner.

Yes, she has a romance with one of Sonny’s henchman, but do we ever see it play out as something other than a few comic moments or mentions? The character and the actress deserve MUCH more than she gets, and so do we.

More Than Just A Mom
Remember when Felicia Jones-Scorpio was ALWAYS front and center? Meaning from the moment she first arrived in Port Charles. Well, at least 28% of you do and want to see it that way again.

For the last few years, we’ve seen Felicia pop in and out to gossip and comment on story, or help out daughter, Maxie. But, she hasn’t had a story of her own and that needs to be remedied. What a waste of a talent like Kristina Wagner.

Paging Dr. Quartermaine
Another 24% of you want Monica to do something more than fret over Jason, announce the Q mansion is HER house, and worry about hospital happenings. Leslie Charleson is a true GH veteran and we need to see her more.

Maybe now that there are two Jasons in town–and one with her son’s original face–she might get more airtime and a reason to exist other than take care of everyone else. Seeing her Jason’s face can give Charleson the material she needs to shine.

Calling Nurse Spencer
The final 16% of you were pleased to see more of Bobbie this year as she’s contended with Nelle, but that wasn’t her own story. It’s Carly’s story, and now Michael’s story, but kinda still Carly’s story.

Bobbie needs her OWN story and Jacklyn Zeman needs something to do other than play mother hen like Monica and Felicia. These three woman helped put and keep GH on the map in the 70s and 80s and should take centerstage once again.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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