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GH Spoilers Spec: If Alive, Peter August Will Target This Person First

GH Spoilers Peter August on General HospitalGH Spoilers Peter August on General Hospital

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin and Hamilton Finn were convinced of Peter’s death, but GH spoilers always suggested something more nefarious was up. Who really stays dead on a soap after all? And we’re not even talking about his being Caesar Faison’s son. That guy has a long record of popping up long after everyone had given up on ever seeing him again.

GH Spoilers Spec

When Peter August (Wes Ramsey) follows in Daddy’s footsteps, which his not being in the freezer certainly seems to foreshadow, he’s going to want revenge on those who have done him wrong. And almost 2,000 viewers think they know exactly who his first target will be:

Stairway To Heaven

It was pretty close, but 34% of the audience voted for Finn (Michael Easton). After all, the guy got in the way of Peter’s relationship with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) for years before he actually ended up storing Peter’s “dead” body in a freezer. Like the song in Chicago, he had it coming!

GH Spoilers Spec: Mommie Dearest Not

Peter believed Anna was his Mommy, and when it turned out to be Alex (also Finola Hughes so, really, what’s the difference?), he was not a happy camper. Peter didn’t appreciate his marriage to Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) being kiboshed, and a slightly smaller 32% of you expect him to go after Anna when he returns from the grave.

General Hospital: Speak Of the Diva

Of course, then there’s Maxie, who was determined to keep Peter’s daughter from him, and blamed him when little Lou disappeared. We know that Maxie has her hidden, and Peter also suspects as much. Which is why 23% of voters expect her to seize the bulk of Peter’s attention.

GH Spoilers Spec: Your Enemies Closer

Only 11% put their money on Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Sure, he screwed Peter over, but not nearly as personally as others. He just isn’t that important to Peter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he left the newborn with Faison. But what have you done for (or against) me lately?

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