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General Hospital’s Nina Must Call THIS Person To Solve A Peter Problem


On GH, an alive Peter August, posing as Peter “Sinclair,” found an alive Sonny Corinthos, and now he’s making Nina Reeves wish she were dead. Well, not exactly.

General Hospital Polling

If given the choice, GH’s Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) would prefer Peter August (Wes Ramsey) were dead. She had a couple of options about how to make that happen. Over 3,000 of you did try to give her some sound advice:

Local Talent

The vote was extremely close, practically a three-way tie, as 32% of you eked out a win in suggesting that Nina tell “Smike” (Maurice Benard) who he really is – i.e. the baddest, tiniest, whiniest mobster on the Eastern Seaboard – and urge him to fulfill his destiny (and regain his memory) by making Peter sleep with the fishes.

Heads Up, General Hospital

A slightly smaller 31% remember that the GH person in most danger from a still alive Peter is Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). You believe Nina’s first phone call should be to her (sort of) sister-in-law to warn that her baby daddy is back walking the earth – and is targeting not just their daughter, Louise, but Maxie’s other child, James.

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Doing It My Way

It may look like the third place, but with 30% of the audience voting for Nina to call Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and get her to fix The Peter Problem, is pretty close to being a winner, too. So those of you who were rooting for Nina to do it, your advice proved the top choice!

GH: Listen Up

Only 7% are urging Nina to do what Peter says, continue to let him sleep on her couch, and anything else he asks, as he really can do a lot of damage. To her, to Maxie, to James and Louise, and, most importantly, to Sonny. If there’s one thing GH has taught us over the past thirty years, Sonny’s needs must always come first.

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