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General Hospital’s Jeff Kober Plays 7 Questions With Steve and Brad


In the latest episode of 7 Questions With Steve and Brad, the popular YouTube interview show hosted by General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), the duo welcomed a familiar face as their guest.

Getting to Know Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober, who plays mobster Cyrus Renault on GH, came on the show and revealed some exciting news for this week.

“I wrote a movie being released in the U.S., on [Nov. 10] called Lie Exposed, starring Bruce Greenwood and Leslie Hope,” Kober said, explaining it will be streamed on Apple and Amazon Prime.

Anderson brought up the fact that Kober has played some despicable characters in his career, and asked him what the nicest role he ever played was. That seemed to stump the actor for a bit, but he recalled a guest-starring role on Highway to Heaven when he played a shy character named Julian, who had a hideous birthmark, and a little blind girl fell in love with him because she couldn’t see how monstrous he looked.

Burton asked Kober that since his character’s name (Renault) is a French automaker, what is his favorite foreign car maker and Kober quickly answered Audi.

“Ever since I drove one, it’s so much car for the money,” the actor said. “They are seen as really upscale cars in Europe but not here.”

The next question came from Anderson and he asked, “of your 138 credits, is there any that you’ve watched more than once, and the actor said “no” and admitted there were many that he’s never even watched.

“The biggest problem actors have is self-consciousness; when I watch myself, that’s like building self-consciousness. Why would I do that?” Kober said.

Question 4 came from Burton, who praised Kober for being an actor, musician, and artist, and asked if there was a skill or talent that he doesn’t possess that he would like to have.

“I wish I was a monster guitar player,” he said, explaining that arthritis, broken fingers, and other challenges have kept him from becoming one in his lifetime.

During the interview, Kober also talked about his love for bad B movies, listening to music, and what he imagines his life would be like if he never left Montana for Hollywood. You can see the full interview below.

Video Credit: Stone Cold and The Jackal

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