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General Hospital Poll Results: Should Cyrus Become Obsessed With Laura?

General Hospital Cyrus and LauraGeneral Hospital Cyrus and Laura

Obsession is nothing new to General Hospital’s Laura. First, there was this guy who ran the disco where Laura waitressed. He refused to die without feeling her touch. He raped her. She married him.

General Hospital Polling

Then, there was a creepy guy named David who needed to retrieve a magic sword, and Laura was somehow a part of that. Then there was Stavros, who first married then raped her – see the difference? He’s Nikolas’s (Marcus Coloma) dad.

Then there was Stavros brother, Stefan. He thought he was Nikolas’s father. The point is, Laura (Genie Francis) knows from a guy who obsesses over her. Should Cyrus (Jeff Kober) be next? What almost 8,000 fans believe:

Tool For the Job

Almost half of you, 46%, see an advantage to this. Sure, Cyrus can go cuckoo for Laura. But you’ll only sit through the story if Laura then uses it to destroy him.

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Thumbs Down To Cyrus

Then again, 40% of the audience voted a big fat no. No to obsession, no to interest, no to brushing by her in the hallway. Cyrus can stay away from Madame Mayor. She can let her friend, Robert (Tristan Rogers), the unexpected District Attorney, handle him.

Too Far For Laura

A much, much smaller 5% don’t care what Cyrus does, thinks, or feels. But they will not stand Laura falling for him in return. She does have a tendency to do that. But this isn’t Luke (Anthony Geary). Or even Stefan (Stephen Nichols). This is a thug.

General Hospital: Tied Up

We have a tie! An even 4.5% of the fans voted for the idea that a Laura-Cyrus pairing would be fascinating… as well as that anything that gives Laura a story is fine with you. Look, Laura is who she is. Something about her inspires men’s strongest desires. And something about them wanting her so badly makes her want them back. Why fight it? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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