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General Hospital Poll Results: Are You Glad Nikolas Cassadine Is Back?

Nikolas General HospitalNikolas General Hospital

When General Hospital fans last saw Prince Nikolas Cassadine, he looked like Nick Stabile… and he was falling to his death. Weeks before that he looked like Tyler Christopher, also falling to his death. (Some of you may have thought you caught a glimpse of the lost princeling sulking around yet another mansion in Salem, USA… but you were wrong.)

But now, Nikolas is back. Except he looks like actor Marcus Coloma, and he’s, you know… not dead. Are fans pleased with this development? What almost 4,000 viewers think:

Nikolas Cassadine In The Flesh

It’s about time, 88% of you are cheering! Port Charles just isn’t the same without Laura’s (Genie Francis) first-born (you miss her second-born, too, but this isn’t a poll about that). Nikolas still has a lot of unfinished business to take care of. To start with, there’s Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). That kid needs a firm hand — and maybe a swat on the behind.

There’s Nikolas’ feud with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). And there’s his complicated relationship with Ava (Maura West)… which quite a few are finding most intriguing and would love to check out where it leads.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Good Riddance

We were perfectly happy without him, a minor 8% of General Hospital fans counter. Really, the guy is played out. When he first came to town, he was interesting. Or, rather, his back story was. You enjoyed his relationships with Laura, with his uncle Stefan (Stephan Nichols), with the dragon lady known as Grandma Helena (Constance Towers).

His love life was a bit less of a hit, though wife Emily was quite beloved… until her death. Spencer’s mother, Courtney, got less stellar marks. Nikolas is more interesting for what he represents than for who he actually is. He’s basically as good dead as alive.

Wrong Guy

There was a write-in contingent, and about 5% are happy to see Nikolas turn up… but wish Tyler were back in the role. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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