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Should General Hospital’s Franco Run For His Life?

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There’s rarely been a man on soaps hated more by another man than Franco being hated by Jason on General Hospital (GH).

After all, Franco (Roger Howarth) did try to kill Jason many times, pretended he raped his wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco), and had Michael (Chad Duell) raped in prison, among other things. So, Jason’s hate is pretty justified even if that was all explained away by a brain tumor.

And, let’s not forget, he is also a serial killer, something the jury said “meh” to.

The problem is, there are now two Jasons (Steve Burton and Billy Miller) and both have the same memories–and they surely remember what Franco did. Soap Hub asked if you think Franco should be as terrified as he is–or if he’s just paranoid. More than 7,000 of you weighed in.

Run, Franco, Run
Franco, run out of town as fast as you can and find a new identity, say 87% of you. Between two Jasons, you don’t stand a chance. They both want a piece of you and if they find out you even know which one is which and are keeping it a secret, you may want to hide under a rock till the end of time.

The brain tumor defense may work on a jury, but it does not work on two angry men when you wronged one of them, but both think they’re the same guy.

Forgive and Forget?
The other 13% of you are rather optimistic. After all, Carly (Laura Wright) almost married Franco and now Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is shacking up with him. He’s clearly changed if two women who loved Jason can forgive Franco, so why can’t the Jasons?

Perhaps he may even help them clear up their little identity crisis and all will be right in the Jasons and Franco world. Or, maybe not…

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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