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General Hospital Wild Speculation: Where Nelle’s Windfall Comes From

Nelle and Michael General HospitalNelle and Michael General Hospital

All General Hospital bad girl Nelle can talk about to her lawyer, (Tad) Martin Grey, is all the money that’s waiting for her on the outside and how he can get a piece of the pie if he just gets her out of Pentonville and fast.

Nelle: She’s In The Money

But we have been wondering where that money comes from as we forgot one plot point. We knew if couldn’t be the sack of cash in the old car belonging to the never-seen-before-Tex, Shiloh and Drew’s (Billy Miller) friend in Afghanistan. Drew found that money right where Tex left it and returned it to the war-torn country before he allegedly died in a plane crash.

Then, a little conversation between Michael (Chad Duell) and Ned (Wally Kurth) caused a light bulb to go off in Soap Hub’s head this past week. The ELQ shares. The shares a clearly-not-thinking-straight Oscar (Garren Stitt) left to his cult leader, Shiloh, before dying of a brain tumor. (Perhaps the tumor made him do it.)

Marrying For Cash

With Shiloh now dead (we assume, anything can happen on a soap), those shares are up in the air and Michael wants to do something with them. He may not realize those shares aren’t up in the air at all. If Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is free, we assume they are hers. So, it sure makes sense now that she married Shiloh.

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Wounding Michael All Over Again

She knew if she did, she’d have the ultimate way to stick it to Michael when she was free. Aside from maybe letting him know she kept him from his son for over a year, she now also owns stock in his family’s company. That would absolutely be a Nelle move.

Now that Nelle is injured and at GH, she’s sure Tad Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) can get her out now and her life can begin anew. Perhaps she’ll split the shares with Martin and he will become a more integral character involved with ELQ. Maybe she will even crime again and end up back in Pentonville, this time with the truth out in the open.

Then, those shares can go to Wiley, or maybe just half those shares and we still get to keep Michael E. Knight with the Q gang. The best of both worlds. Stay tuned and see what happens. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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