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General Hospital Poll: Should Franco Be Allowed To Remain Drew?

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General Hospital has just witnessed a case of one twin pretending to be another — that’s Ryan v. Kevin. They’ve also recently seen Drew (Billy Miller) who thought he was Jason (Steve Burton) after being implanted with his heretofore unknown twin brother’s memories.

However, when Jason returned, he got to be Jason again, and Drew had to be Drew… even with his own memories still AWOL. (That’s a military term in honor of Drew’s Navy SEAL past.)

You’d think that would be enough precedent to keep Franco (Roger Howarth), who has been implanted with Drew’s missing memories, from proclaiming himself Drew instead of Franco. But you’d be wrong. Port Charles is headed to court over this, and we ask you, ladies and gentlemen of soapy jury… what should happen to Franco?

General Hospital Poll Results: He’s Out Of His Mind!

Franco insists that because he identifies as Drew, he should be legally accepted and treated as Drew. Well, 96% of you aren’t buying it. First of all, Franco is still somewhere there inside his cranium.

Second, he has a wife, Liz (Rebecca Herbst), and three step-children who love him and want him back. Third, if Drew, who identified as Jason, didn’t get to stay Jason, why should Franco get to be Drew? Finally, if I identify as Bill Gates, do I get access to his money? That’s not how life works?

Identity Politics

The difference, 4% of General Hospital fans parse, is that Jason was alive when he made Drew give up being him. Drew is (presumed) dead. So why shouldn’t Franco — who has his memories — step in to fill the void?

Monica (Leslie Charleson) is so desperate that she’ll take any version of a son she can get. And Liz will find a new man. She always does. And Kim? Sure, she’ll still take any Drew, any time. According to Kim, “Drew Cain never dies.”

Franco has already gone through two faces, not to mention a serial killer personality, and the post-tumor years. So why not this? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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