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What Do You Want to See Happen to Valentin?

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After murdering Nikolas and getting away with it, General Hospital’s Valentin seems en route to turning his life around.

But will it actually happen? The Cassadine heir has plenty of people gunning for him — among them, Anna and Lulu. Yet, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) always seems to pick himself up, dust himself off and move on. While many fans loathe him, it’s clear that some have actually come to like him. As a result, Soap Hub asked exactly what you’d like to see happen to Valentin and over 4,700 weighed in.

Anna Takes Him Down
The Nikolas lovers out there want to see justice served. That’s why 61% of you are pulling for Anna (Finola Hughes) to take down Valentin. If anyone can do it, you believe the former PC police commissioner and WSB agent can. Once she puts the pieces together and figures out her past connection to Valentin, Anna will make sure he gets what’s coming to him. When she does, you’ll be cheering.

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He Loses Charlotte
Lulu (Emme Rylan) has made it clear, she is going to sue Valentin for custody of their daughter. Some 25% of you are pulling for her to win and for Valentin to lose his little girl. You don’t believe Charlotte should be reared by a man like him or his looney tunes bride, Nina.

Happy Family
The remaining 14% of you have fallen under Valentin’s spell, a la Nina (Michelle Stafford), and want him to live happily ever after with his new wife and daughter. While Valentin has a questionable past, you believe he’s changed and should be forgiven. He truly loves his little girl and deserves a shot at bliss with Charlotte and Nina.

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