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Who Would You Like to See Uncover Ava’s Lies?

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Ava switched Morgan’s bipolar meds with placebos, starting the downward spiral that led to his demise.

Technically, Morgan (Bryan Craig) died because he stole a car with a ticking time bomb in it that exploded. However, none of that would have happened if Ava hadn’t messed with his medication. Morgan was totally managing his condition, until Ava (Maura West) pulled the switcheroo. Then, he slowly began to lose it and ended up on a self-destruction course.

Mama Carly
Carly (Laura Wright) is the person that 55% of you would like to see figure out what Ava did to her beloved son. You know her wrath will be ferocious and look forward to watching her unleash it on Ava. It could lead to the best knock-down, drag-out physical altercation between women ever on daytime.

Papa Sonny
Ava deserves to be exposed by and receive her comeuppance from Sonny (Maurice Benard), according to 31% of you. He already loathes Ava for killing Kate and messing with Morgan’s head. Learning that she tampered with his drugs, setting his downfall in motion, is sure to the last straw. You can’t wait to see him retaliate.

Newbie Nelle
Having a surprise character like Nelle (Chloe Lanier) stumble upon the truth is what 14% of you would like to see. She already caught Ava in Morgan’s bedroom, reaching for the pill bottle that rolled under his bed. Although Ava was able to cover, it did arouse Nelle’s suspicions. In time, you’d like to see her be the one to expose Ava’s lies. It would be an interesting turn for her character to be the one to put the pieces together and shine a light on Ava’s duplicity.

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