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The 10 Greatest General Hospital Characters

General Hospital 10 Greatest CharactersGeneral Hospital 10 Greatest Characters

Unlike Steve Hardy, Robert Scorpio WAS a grand adventurer. Even after Robert hung up his secret agent garb he continued to protect and serve Port Charles as it Police Commissioner. Robert excelled at keeping his citizens safe but he always came up short in the romance department.

Sure, Robert married two of the shows most alluring, feisty, and British beauties — Anna and Holly — but he couldn’t manage to make either relationship last.

Robin Scorpio
Robin is a true enigma among soap opera characters because she is a woman who values truth and honesty. Even when it has hurt people that she cares about, Robin has always held steadfast to her principals. Perhaps, her good moral fiber is the reason Robin was rewarded with her loving husband Patrick and darling daughter Emma.

Monica Quartermaine
There was a time when four of the most eligible men in Port Charles fought tooth and nail for the affections of Monica Bard.

When Jeff Webber lost her to his brother Rick he shot himself. When Alan Quartermaine also lost her to Rick he tried to put a bullet in Monica!

From her very first appearance, Monica proved that you could be sexy and smart at the same time. While she dallied with the menfolk she also fought her way to the very top of the General Hospital hierarchy and became its very first female Chief of Staff.

Tracy Quartermaine
Tracy is a character full of contradictions. There’s been a time when she was cold-blooded enough to watch her father succumb to a heart attack. But there were other times when Tracy is able to shed her mask of indifference and really offer support to a loved one.

Desperate for affection, Tracy spent the majority of her life fighting for recognition in a family that found it increasingly difficult to cope with her outrageous shenanigans.

Lucy Coe
As Lucy Coe, performer Lynn Hearing walked the razor edge between vicious villainy and delightfully zany comedy. Lucy seduced her way into the beds of some powerful men but she always found herself kicked out on her tush.

Lucy’s business savvy and social conscience became her greatest assets – but her poor taste in lovers is still her major weakness.General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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