General Hospital

The 10 Greatest General Hospital Characters

General Hospital 10 Greatest CharactersGeneral Hospital 10 Greatest Characters

Characters come and go on soaps, but some become so popular and so iconic they stick around the scene for decades and become soap mainstays. Heck, some even go and come back and it’s like they never met. These are daytime’s greatest characters and below you will find a list of the 10 greatest General Hospital characters to ever grace Port Charles and the hospital halls.

Laura Webber Collins
Laura’s teen romance with Scotty saved General Hospital from cancellation. Her mature love affair with bad boy Luke boosted General Hospital to the number one spot in the ratings. So, is it any wonder that the fans cheer any time this talented actress is on screen and boo at her many absences?

Making Laura the town’s mayor was certainly an inspired move. Perhaps the voters were saying thanks for saving our butts from becoming popsicles back in ’81.

Scotty Baldwin
The verdict is in and it says that Scotty Baldwin is guilty. Guilty of being a hoot! Scotty began as GH’s main teen heartthrob. However, years of playing second fiddle to rival Luke Spencer has morphed Scotty into a slimy, acid-tongued shyster.

The good news is that the fans don’t seem to mind. In fact, many of them prefer the rascally, spikey-haired Scotty to his earlier good boy persona.

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Luke Spencer
Is Luke Spencer a hero or a villain? That very question haunted Luke from the day he entered Port Charles to the day he left. Yes, he saved the world from a mad scientist and took down a mob kingpin. But still, Luke worried that he had simply been born bad.

Audrey March
Long before Laura ruled the roost, Audrey was the soap opera’s main heroine. Marital rape, a cancer diagnosis, miscarriages — Audrey suffered through it all. In fact, the first time General Hospital hit the number one spot in the ratings, Audrey was front and center and on trial for murder.

Steve Hardy
Steve Hardy was not a grand adventurer who fought crooked mobsters or tracked down turncoat secret agents. Instead, Steve Hardy was a man who dedicated his entire life to healing patients on General Hospital’s seventh floor.

Robert Scorpio
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