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Your Surprising Choice For General Hospital’s Standout 2016 Performer!

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They’ll be no difficulty finding material for Daytime Emmy reels for a number of General Hospital stars. Powerful storylines provided the opportunity for many actors to shine in 2016, and the show’s cast delivered.

First and foremost, Morgan’s stunning death gave everyone in the character’s orbit a shot to shine in the spotlight, and Brian Craig (Morgan), Laura Wright (Carly), Maura West (Ava), Maurice Benard (Sonny) and more all took the opportunity and ran with it. Soap Hub asked who was GH’s standout performer of the year.

Laura Wright
Between Morgan’s death and Carly’s breakup with Sonny, Laura Wright easily earned 55% of your votes for top 2016 performer.

Wright’s portrayal of Carly’s devastation, upon learning her youngest son had been blown to smithereens courtesy a car bomb, was raw and gut-wrenching.

Then, on a dime, her heartbreak turned to rage when she chastised Sonny, whom she wrongly believed caused the accident. It’s the kind of material Emmy reels are made of.


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Bryan Craig
Last year’s Daytime Emmy winner for Outstanding Younger Actor, Bryan Craig, came in second to his TV mom with 37% of fans’ votes.

Watching him portray Morgan’s highs and lows, while he battled bipolar disorder was a challenging balancing act and spot on.

Ultimately, Craig played Morgan spinning out of control, the result of his medication being switched with placebos by the dastardly Ava, absolutely masterfully up until the moment of his character’s death.

Maura West
Maura West, who plays the diabolical Ava, was the choice of 8% of you. You enjoy her constant battle between good – being a caring mother to Kiki and Avery – and evil.

Namely, doing anything in the name of getting what she wants, including switching Morgan’s meds so he’d freak out…continue reading on the next page —>

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