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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update for September 25-29

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for September 25-29 are here.

Port Charles was rife with revelations and surprising upsets this week, paving the way for some intense twists.

Valentin and Lulu grew ever closer to reaching a custody agreement that they both could tolerate, which eased some tension… but it only grew elsewhere, when Michael learned that Nelle was accused of killing her fiancé.

Sam had to decide how to move forward with Jason’s care… but of course, it looks like Jason might not be who everyone thought that he was. Here are the spoilers!

Griffin begins to grow frustrated, both with Valentin and with his own ongoing struggles. He makes his intentions known… while at the same time, Nelle confesses to feeling unnerved by Michael’s gesture. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Franco is ready for a fresh start… but he’s asked to keep a big secret.

If Elizabeth was hoping to make a fashionable impression at Franco’s art show, she certainly succeeded! She turned up to the exhibition in a fun, yet sophisticated, flowy white cami dress with black print, designed by Halston.

It is available for one-hundred and eighteen dollars on their website, Halston dot com. We were also able to find several similar prints and styles at much more affordable prices on Amazon. Whether you liked the pattern or the cut, there’s a close match waiting for you, so check out the links below. These range from only six forty-nine to twenty-eight thirty.

Franco was combining casual and professional with an INC International Concepts v-neck t-shirt worn under a smart blazer. The exact same graphic print stripe shirt is available from Macy’s for only nineteen ninety-eight. With these styles in mind – whether you break the bank or go for the bargain – you’ll be as scintillating as your favorite soap stars.

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This week, our lucky winner is… Martha Berger! Congratulations, Martha! We’ll be reaching out soon, so keep an eye on your inbox! For everyone else, don’t worry! You can still win next week! Just make sure you share this video, then tune in on Friday to see if we pick your name!

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