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General Hospital Recap: Valentin STUNS The Quartermaines

General Hospital Recap August 11 2020General Hospital Recap August 11 2020

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, August 11, 2020 features Valentin and Brook Lynn breaking Ned’s heart, Sam putting all her eggs in one basket, Curtis getting the goods on Cyrus, and Nelle making yet another enemy.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) visited Sam (Lindsay Hartley) and collected her signature on the documents necessary to use Scout and Danny’s ELQ voting shares. Afterward, he arrived at Monica’s (Leslie Charleson) and informed the family that he was the mystery man behind the hostile takeover.

When the motion to save GH was put forward, Valentin voted nay while Ned (Wally Kurth) and Michael (Chad Duell) both voted yay – and they cast the same votes on behalf of Monica, Jason, Jake, and Dillon.

Brook Lynn (Briana Lane) had to bow out of the proceedings…and reveal to her father that she had sold her shares in the company. Off that revelation, Ned was aghast to realize that Valentin now owned a 50% stake in the family business.

The final vote will now fall to Lucy (Lynn Herrin) and her all-important 1% stake. But will she vote on behalf of her former in-laws and the hospital she claims to love or will she side with her latest benefactor? Truth be told, the jury’s still out. She did, after all, spend the early part of the day charming a very generous donation to the Nurses Ball out of Cyrus so Lucy doesn’t really seem to have any scruples where finical matters are concerned.

Things Are Looking Up For Sam

True to his word, Valentin managed to have Delores transferred off Sam’s case and a new, much more obliging parole officer assigned in her stead. Sam was sure that the turn of events was a sign of brighter things to come and she was doubled heartened when Jason (Steve Burton) opened his eyes.

Everybody Has A Weakness

Curtis (Donnell Turner), still smarting over Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) decision to visiting Cyrus on her own and the subsequent press conference she held extolling his innocence, did some digging into his enemies past.

He hit pay dirt with the discovery of a person very close to Cyrus’s heart. He threatened to do great harm to Cyrus’s loved one if he continued to harangue Jordan. Cyrus, in turn, told Jordan that if Curtis persisted, he would have to be eliminated.

Hurricane Nelle

Nelle (Chloe Lanier), displeased over Martin’s (Michael E. Knight) latest suggestion – share custody of Wiley with Michael – fired her counsel and refused to pay his legal retainer. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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