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General Hospital Recap: Julian Makes A Deal With The Devil

General Hospital Recap November 3 2020General Hospital Recap November 3 2020

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, features Julian and Alex making do, Ryan making good on his threats, Peter making Spinelli quake in his loafers, and Jordan making enemies.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Ava (Maura West) was gripped by fear when she answered a summons from Sonny (Maurice Benard) and learned that Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) had made contact and asked for a meeting.

She cautioned Sonny not to feed a psychotic’s delusions. He informed Ava that he’d consider her opinion. Afterward, Ava hightailed it to Julian’s (William de Vry) and informed him of Ryan’s machinations. Then she suggested that he let Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) set him up for a life on the run.

Once Ava left, Julian sat and brooded. When Cyrus (Jeff Kober) arrived for a spot of lunch, Julian took him aside and revealed he was ready to talk numbers. If Cyrus wants Charlie’s Pub, then he can have Charlie’s Pub.

Double Trouble

Anna (Finola Hughes) awoke and quickly assessed that she was trussed up in her basement. Alex (Finola Hughes) appeared and gleefully revealed her plan: assume Anna’s life and rid herself of her goody-two-shoes twin.

Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) arrival interrupted Alex’s boasting, and she was forced to launch into full-on Anna mode. Valentin quickly saw through the charade, distracted Alex, and went on the hunt for Anna. She managed to alert him to her location but before he could assist her, Alex attacked him with a syringe!

Peter Plays Hardball

Having ferreted out the truth about Helena’s alleged return from the dead, Peter (Wes Ramsey) arranged a meeting between himself and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Spinelli put on a good act, but Peter wasn’t buying it. Instead, he threatened to revert to his old ways should Spinelli continue to interfere.

Jordan Fails To Make Friends Or Influence People

Portia (Brook Kerr) and T.J. (Tajh Bellow) were disheartened to learn that Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) had scuttled efforts to arrange a protest against Cyrus. When questioned, Jordan insisted that she only did so in order to protect T.J. and his career.

Portia, on the other hand, suspected there was more to the story. Just like there was more to Jordan halting the investigation into Brando’s (Johnny Wactor) beating. And Jason’s (Steve Burton) motorcycle accident. And the role Cyrus played in Taggert’s (Real Andrews) shooting…General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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