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General Hospital Recap (GH): Michael Was Duped Again! (SURPRISE!)

The General Hospital recap (GH) for Thursday, May 24 features Nelle’s manipulations working like a charm once again.

Nelle Has Lots Of Stories
Michael decided he needed to hear straight from his mother what happened the day Nelle took her tumble down the stairs. Carly told Michael everything as she knew it, but like Sonny, he felt there must be something wrong with her.

When he went to visit Nelle, he bought her sob story hook, line, and sinker as always and even told her he’d be working from home to take care of her and the baby.

Before Michael showed up, Josslyn paid Nelle a visit and listened to the same garbage Michael listened to. Josslyn was just as gullible as Michael and horrified her mother could do such a violent and crazy thing.

Diane’s Not Optimistic
Diane brought up violence with Carly and her history of it. She did everything she could to get Carly to pled insanity, reminding her that even if everything she says about Nelle is true, a jury would likely not believe the wife of a mob boss against a waifish pregnant woman.

The Morning After
Over at the Metro Court, Kiki quickly ran into the closet covered only by a sheet when Ava came knocking at the door. Ava begged Griffin to forgive her and he didn’t know what to say.

After Ava left, Kiki begged him never to tell her mother what happened. Griffin barely had a chance to shower when Ava showed back up with a coat and nothing underneath. Griffin couldn’t resist and is becoming one busy ex-priest.

Julian And Kim No More?
Ava’s brother also showed up at a door unannounced and brought Alexis flowers. After they reminisced about the night they first met and conceived Sam, they kissed. Alexis quickly regretted that move and kicked Julian out.

At Kelly’s, Drew told Kim about his plan to have Andre erase all of Jason’s memories and see if his memories were underneath. Kim feared for his life if he goes along with this idea.

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Video Credit: Michael and Nelle Fanpage

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