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General Hospital Poll Results: Fans Write a New Story For Friz

Liz and Franco General HospitalLiz and Franco General Hospital

We all know the soap maxim, don’t we, General Hospital fans? A happy couple is a boring couple. And Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) have been way too happy lately.

General Hospital Polling

Something’s got to happen if we viewers want to see more of them. Here’s what over 7,000 of the fans are hoping for:

Baby Girl

Liz has a son with Xander. Liz has a son with Jason (Steve Burton). Liz has a son with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). A winning 73% of the audience thinks it’s time she had a baby with Franco. And a girl, this time. First of all, Liz deserves a girl. She keeps losing her sisters. And Franco deserves a girl. He should be able to truly experience what it means to be afraid that a daughter of his might meet a man… just like him.

Birth Mama Drama

A smaller 21% want all of their conflict to come from without, not within their relationship. To that end, let’s have Heather (Robin Mattson) escape again and cause trouble for her baby boy and his main squeeze. Heather is never good news for anyone.

Time To Cheat

Let’s get real, 5% of you remind. Liz cheats. A lot. She cheated on Lucky with Jason. She cheated on Lucky with Nikolas (then Tyler Christopher). OK, so maybe Liz only cheats on Lucky. But she should cheat on Franco, too. And get pregnant. Because that’s also her thing.

Last Place

A minuscule 1% want Franco to cheat on Liz. She’s due to experience it from the other end. (We know Lucky cheated on her with Maxie, but that was a while ago.) And maybe Franco having a child with someone else will let her truly experience what it was like when she did it to Lucky. More than once. (We know Aiden turned out to be his, but he was thought to be Nik’s in the beginning.) General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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