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General Hospital Poll Results: Fans Rate Tracy’s Return

Tracy General HospitalTracy General Hospital

Tracy Angelica Quartermaine is back on General Hospital! And she’s got a redecorated mansion to go with it. When last we saw her, she was reuniting with Luke (Anthony Geary) and his unfortunate hair choices in Amsterdam (coincidentally where actor Geary chose to retire in real life).

We thought we’d never see her again, but there Tracy (Jane Elliot) is, in the flesh… and in the scheme. Over 2,000 fans told us how they felt about the development:

General Hospital: All Hail the Queen

It wasn’t even a fair fight, as 81% of you are giddy with joy! Tracy is just what Port Charles needs. We’re almost out of Quartermaines! Lila (Anna Lee), Edward (John Ingle), Alan (Stuart Damon), AJ (Sean Kanan), and Emily (Natalia Livingston) are dead. Jason (Steve Burton) is so estranged that Monica (Leslie Charleson) had to cling to his twin Drew (Billy Miller), and later, even bigger impostor Dranco (Roger Howarth).

Tracy’s relationship with son Ned (Wally Kurth) and daughter-in-law Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is hardly much better. But at least they’re both still alive. And where there’s life, there’s hope. Just like where there’s Tracy, there’s action. Tracy is just what ol’ Port Chuck needs to liven things up. Welcome home!

No Room at the Inn For Tracy

We’ve survived fine without her for over two years, a contrary 19% of General Hospital fans point out, so why do we need her now? She’s barely got any family left, and certainly no loved ones.

Heck, even her other son, Dillon, wants nothing to do with her, much less most of Port Charles. She got her happy ending with Luke — well, as happy of an ending as you can get with a man who eventually felt smothered even by the alleged love of his life and had to go gallivanting about the globe. Let’s leave it there. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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