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General Hospital Mystery: What’s Happening To Billy Miller’s Drew?

General Hospital Billy MillerGeneral Hospital Billy Miller

General Hospital houses in its ranks an elusive, exciting, and mysterious character that fans are clamoring to catch sight of. We speak of course of Billy “Killer” Miller, aka Drew.

First, lets give credit where credit is due. It was fellow soap enthusiast and journalist Jillian Bowe who coined the phrase “Killer Miller” to describe the powerhouse presence that is actor Billy Miller. He first creeped out audiences as good for nothing Richie Novak on All My Children.

Then in a 180-degree turn, he stepped into the shoes of blue blood Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless.

There, Miller rose to become one of the most beloved actors showing daily how perfectly adapt he was portraying a character that seemed to operate on two extreme planes — at times suave and sophisticated with a sharp biting wit and at others a wounded child ready to lash out at the world and those he felt betrayed him.

In a massive casting upset, Miller left YR to take up the vacant role of Jason Morgan on ABC’s GH. Initially introduced as an amnesiac the audience fawned as Jason regained his memories, reunited with lady love Sam, and settled into familiar bliss and exciting employment as a husband and wife P.I. team.

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But, in another shocking cast decision, Steve Burton, the actor Miller had replaced returned to the soap and his original role. Therefore, Miller’s character was revealed to be, not Jason, but his unknown twin brother Drew and with that story beat he was cast into the wilderness we call the General Hospital Supporting Players.

Sure, Miller is still occasionally seen onscreen. In fact, GH brought on a surprise love child Drew knew nothing about. They also gave the child a fatal brain tumor so now Drew spends his time commiserating with him over life, loss, and death.

With three Emmy wins and a further three nominations, Miller has proven beyond doubt that he has the ability to give his all in a storyline. Let’s hope GH realizes what a gift they have in this talented actor and give him something meaty to play and soon.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airdates.

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