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General Hospital Love Triangle: Will Curtis’s Valentine Break Jordan’s Heart?

General Hospital Portia Curtis JordanGeneral Hospital Portia Curtis Jordan

Curtis and Jordan’s marriage got off to a rocky start on General Hospital when they entered their honeymoon quarters only to find a dead Kiki Jerome in their bed. After that, it’s been one traumatic event and lie after the other. But nothing has posed such a threat to the couple’s future than the re-emergence of Portia into Curtis’s life.

An Unfaithful Past

Long before Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Briana Henry) met, he knew Portia (Brook Kerr)…intimately. The two had an affair while she was married to Marcus Taggert. That has led many fans to believe that Curtis could be Trina’s (Sydney Mikayla) biological father, even though Portia denies it. Regardless, the two share a past and a renewed friendship.

Ironically, on the other side of the foursome, Jordan also shares quite a history with Taggert. The two worked together undercover for years to bring Cyrus (Jeff Kober) to justice any way they could. That connection has come full circle, ultimately acting as a destructive barrier between Curtis and Jordan, as she has continually kept the whole truth from her husband.

Unnecessary Lies

Curtis remains frustrated and skeptical about reuniting with Jordan after the revelation of Taggert’s faked death. Jordan feels she did what she had to do, including lying to her husband for months. To Jordan and Taggert, the end justified the means.

We don’t agree that lying to Portia, Trina, and Curtis was necessary in order to keep them and the rest of Port Charles safe. Portia, Curtis, and Trina agree. The mother and daughter remain angry with Taggert for lying to them when they felt that he could have trusted his family to keep quiet.

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As for Jordan, Curtis is just plain sick and tired of her keeping the whole truth from him, supposedly for his and her family’s own safety. The end result: Jordan and Taggert remain on the naughty list.

Here Comes Portia, Again

Once Curtis found out Portia was married, he cut things off with her immediately even though they both were still in love with each other. Now that they both feel betrayed by Jordan and Taggert, will they rekindle their old flame, finishing what they started years ago?

Portia is one of the few people whom Curtis has confided to about the real reason for his separation from Jordan. He’s tired of all the lies and omissions, and Portia can relate since it was a lack of honesty that broke up her marriage to Taggert. Their united pain, combined with their romantic history, brews the perfect cup for an affair.

Valentine’s Day And Beyond?

Curtis knows this for sure–he needs something more out of his life. When he finishes this current nightclub job, it will be his last case. He recalled Portia offered to help him with the investigation and asks if the offer still stands. She agreed and asks what she has to do. He said, “Be my Valentine.”

Soap Hub is digging the adventurous spirit that this possible (renewed) romance between Curtis and Portia could bring. Add to that the fact that Trina could be Curtis’s daughter, it might make this twosome a better match…that is until it’s revealed that Portia has possibly lied too. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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