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Tis the Season: Should Curtis Forgive Jordan on General Hospital?

GH Spoilers Curtis and JordanGH Spoilers Curtis and Jordan

What secret has Jordan kept from Curtis this time, on General Hospital? Oh, yeah, Taggart is alive, and she’s known it from the start. Just add this one to the pile of all the other lies Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) has told Curtis (Donnell Turner) over the years of their relationship.

General Hospital Polling

Should he forgive her this time, the way he forgave her all those other times? What almost 3,000 viewers told us they want to see happen:

Getting There

Sure, why not, 47% of you shrug. They’ve got a pretty good pattern going. She lies, he finds out, he fumes, she pleads, he forgives. Rinse, repeat. This time should be no different than any other, but you would like it to take at least a little bit of time. What we mean is, no Christmastime, or even New Year’s Eve reunion. Valentine’s Day, maybe. Let this play out.

Go Ahead Curtis

A smaller 34% of the audience went with an unabashed yes. You know it’s going to happen anyway, so why prolong the utter lack of suspense? Jordan and Curtis are doomed – er, destined – to be a couple. So why bother even pretending this betrayal won’t play out like all the others? Say sorry, hug it out, and then move on, guys.

Never Again

Only 19% went with no, figuring this merry-go-round ought to end sometime, today is as good of a time as any. This is clearly a couple that can’t communicate, which means they don’t truly trust each other. And if they don’t truly trust each other, this is just going to keep happening. Either agree that anything Jordan does for work is off-limits or become an open book.

And since neither is likely to happen in the near future, just pull the plug. They’re both too hot to be lonely for long. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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