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General Hospital Poll Results: The Best Woman For Curtis

Curtis General HospitalCurtis General Hospital

Curtis is one of General Hospital’s hottest men. He flirted with a handful of women before settling down and marrying Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry), but is she really the right Port Charles woman for him? Over 3,000 viewers offered their opinions:

General Hospital: When the Right One Comes Along

Curtis (Donell Turner) made the right call, 79% of you confirm. After all, would he steal a kidney from a psycho killer for just any woman? Curtis must love Jordan a whole bunch if he’d go that far. (Then again, Curtis isn’t exactly Port Charles’ most upstanding citizen, is he? But, who really is?) This is a couple that’s joined at the kidnapped kidney — the ultimate in matchmaking.

Crazy Eyes

A smaller 18% of the audience would like to see Curtis with Nina (Cynthia Watros), however. Jordan is just a little too… sane, for a guy as passionate as Curtis. His life with Jordan is predictable and stable. Life with Nina never is. So what if Curtis has schemed with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in the past? If Nina forgives Valentin all his crimes — eventually — she’ll forgive Curtis, too.

Tiny Fan Base

Only 2% of General Hospital fans voted for Ava (Maura West). Likely they remember the chemistry between them when they discussed art. Sure, Curtis was spying on Ava, and Ava was flirting with him the way she does with all men. But there was a hot moment there. We all saw it.

Curtis Has Write-In Candidates

A handful of fans suggested Laura (Genie Francis). We know she had a thing for bad boys. Maybe she still does? And her husband has another kidney just like the one they stole from Ryan (Jon Lindstrom)!

Another suggested Anna (Finola Hughes). And then there’s Sam (Kelly Monaco). Obviously nobody could get between her and Jason (Steve Burton). But were he to die again… General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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