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Do You Want to See Jax in PC Permanently?

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Small Doses Are Fine

Jax popping up now and then is fine with 25% of you, who like having him around for short visits. You like his friendship with Alexis and father-daughter relationship with Josslyn.

However, your fear of him returning full-time is that he’ll get between Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright). Now that they’re finally back together, you don’t want to see anyone messing with them. As long as Jax comes and goes, he won’t be a threat.

Whatever the Storyline Warrants
The final 16% of you enjoy Jax’s visits when they’re tied to specific story turns. It makes them more meaningful, and you’re fine with that.

You would love to know how Jax is connected to Nelle (Chloe Lanier); specifically, his role in finding Josslyn’s kidney transplant donor. The show hinted that Jax played a part in what happened but haven’t followed through with it, yet.

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