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General Hospital (GH) Recap: Will The Brothers Team Up?

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital (GH) recap for Wednesday, December 13 features a day of facing the truth and true colors for your favorite Port Charles pals.

Might A Truce Be Called?
Jason (Steve Burton) visited Drew (Billy Miller) and told him everything he and Sonny learned from Britt. Jason was convinced that Drew’s original memories are buried somewhere and the three months Drew was held prisoner before Jason was shot could provide them the key to everything.

Drew did not seem keen on helping at first, but then told Jason if he learns more then let him know.

Sam’s Dilemma
Meanwhile, Sam (Kelly Monaco) paid a visit to Monica (Leslie Charleson) and told her all about Oscar. Monica was thrilled about yet another Quartermaine, but she also tried to get Sam to confront her feelings. She even pointed out to Sam that maybe she’s hoping Drew goes back to his other life and she can then be free to be with Jason.

Sam admitted she thinks about Jason all the time, but that she also loves Drew, so this is an impossible situation. She then took a trip to the pier where she ran into Jason. When she tried to walk away, he asked her to stop and just talk to him.

New Dad
Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Kim (Tamara Braun) discussed why she never told him about his father before, as she explained how she got used to it just being the two of them as a team.

She then encouraged him to get to know his father and when Kim left, Drew showed up at the door.

New Mom?
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) seems to have no pretenses anymore now that she has this pregnancy thing going on.

She ordered expensive food on the Corinthos tab and then told Michael (Chad Duell) she’d leave town with the baby if he doesn’t support her financially. She later decided to eat even more food at Kelly’s and made a friend in Ava (Maura West). Oh boy!

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