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General Hospital (GH) Recap: Franco Demands The Truth

The General Hospital (GH) recap for Friday, September 15 offers more questions than answers for your favorite Port Charles pals.

Franco’s Sane Mom?
Franco’s (Roger Howarth) art show opening was just what he needed to reconnect with his adoptive mother, Betsy Frank. She was thrilled to visit with her “Bobby” while getting to know his biological father, Scott (Kin Shriner), and girlfriend, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

However, she figured out pretty quickly why “Bobby” invited her after all these years. The painting with the allegedly imaginary friend was the clue, and Franco used that discussion to show her the photo of him with the same friend and ask why he was with Jason Morgan as a child.

Sam’s Decision
Meanwhile, the man we think is Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) had no change in his brain activity, devastating Monica (Leslie Charleson) and Sam. Monica also had quite a few words with Sonny and accused him of taking both her sons (she had a point), while Spinelli tried convincing Sam to let Jason go to a longterm care facility.

Although it’s the last thing in the world she wanted, Sam (Kelly Monaco) finally agreed it’s best for Jason and her children if she didn’t bring him home with round-the-clock care. Just as she made her decision, Jason’s hand moved.

Art Show Drama
But, back to the art show opening where Nina (Michelle Stafford) had a hard time and made Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) take her home–and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) had some ideas.

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was shocked to hear that she was there to get a story on Franco and talk about how she slept with a serial killer.

Sonny’s Bad And Good Day
Sonny also did more things other than get chewed out by Monica. He also met with Curtis (Donnell Turner) and was offered some help with anything to do with Jason. Of course, Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) spied just the handshake and wondered what was going on.

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