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You Can’t Fool Us, General Hospital (GH) — This Is Alex, Now Where Is Anna?

General HospitalAlex or Anna on General Hospital?

Something fishy is going on with Anna, and the editors at Soap Hub think General Hospital (GH) has pulled a fast one!

A few weeks ago, Anna finally heard Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) story about their past — that she had sought out his help, then made love to him, and afterwards put out the kill order on him with the WSB.

Anna was flabbergasted and said she had an idea why she didn’t remember, but headed off to find out.

Could Anna (Finola Hughes) have realized that the reason she couldn’t remember such a momentous occasion was because she wasn’t the woman he slept with?

After all, she has an identical twin. Did Anna go to visit Alex to see if she was the one who did the deed? More importantly, did she just switch lives with her sister — because the woman who returned does NOT seem like Anna to us.

Today, she welcomed Laura (Genie Francis) to the house, and checked her hair in the mirror before answering the door. That sure didn’t seem like Anna, who has bigger things like cancer to worry about rather than whether her hair is flipping just right. It was almost like she didn’t even know who Laura was and let her lead the conversation.

But, the real clue was that she didn’t answer Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) phone call. Anna never would ignore her dear friend who has helped her so much through this whole ordeal.

But, if she’s really Alex, she wouldn’t know that she shouldn’t do that. Tomorrow he confronts her — that could get very interesting.

So, if this is Alex we’re seeing right now, it begs a few questions — where the heck is Anna, is she okay, why the switch, and when is she coming back? Guess we’ll just have to keep tuning in to find out!

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