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Will Finn FINALLY Get Truly Clean on General Hospital (GH)?

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Finn is addicted to Zekenestrol on General Hospital (GH), the drug he was using to keep himself from succumbing to Blackwood’s Syndrome.

Although he eventually discovered a cure for the deadly disease, Finn (Michael Easton) found getting off the potent drug harder than he’d ever imagined. Attempts to kick the habit on his own haven’t been successful.

Poor Finn always ends up reverting back to the drug to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that are too much for him to handle.

Now, the good doctor has promised Hayden and Monica (Leslie Charleson) that he’s ready to seek professional help by checking into a rehab facility. Do you think Finn will ever be able to get clean?

Yes, He’ll Overcome
The majority of you, 79%, have faith that Finn will kick his drug habit. Although it’s going to be a long, hard road, there are two major factors motivating him to succeed.

One, he’s a topnotch surgeon who’s desperate to get his career back on track, and getting clean is the only way to do it.

Two, he has a better chance with Hayden (Rebecca Budig), whom he loves, once he’s drug-free. He knows that his addiction has been too much for her to deal with. He loves her too much to let her down.

No, He’s Too Far Gone
The final 21% of you are like Brad (Parry Shen) — you are far less optimistic about Finn cleaning up his act. The process is going to be too grueling and difficult.

Frankly, you think Finn’s too far gone to ever come back from this powerful addiction. At this point, he has been relying on the drug for too long to survive without it.

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