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General Hospital Fans Reveal Their Favorite Sean Donely Moment

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General Hospital will honor Sean Donely, and his late portrayer, John Reilly, this Friday. But while the people of Port Charles remember the spy turned thief turned police commissioner, we asked almost 2,000 fans to share their favorite moment with him:

General Hospital Polling: Adventure Time

A majority 60% of you still miss the days of on-location action and adventure with Sean, Anna (Finola Hughes), and Robert (Tristan Rogers). Sure, in the beginning, Sean was just pretending to be Robert’s friend while he was really scheming to steal Felicia’s (Kristina Jones) family treasure. (Anna was also pretending to have a scar on her face and lying about Robin, so there was a lot of lying going on in the beginning.)

That one ended with a fight on top of an airborne Canadian cable car gondola, where Sean thought he killed Robert, only to break out into a laugh and hold out his hands to be cuffed when he discovered he hadn’t. Those truly were the best of times!

A Wedding To Remember

A smaller 31% of the audience, on the other hand, is still laughing over Sean and Tiffany’s (Sharon Wyatt) wedding, where Sean learned his bride’s real name (Elsie Mae Crumholz), and ended up with a spiked heel through the foot for his trouble.

Bad Boy

Only 7% still miss the bad old days, when Sean killed people. And we mean with weapons, not with kindness. He got soft when he settled down, and really sold out when he crossed over to the cop side.

First Lady

Sean’s first GH love interest was Monica (Leslie Charleson), during one of her many in-between Alan (Stuart Damon) moments. He was suave, he was charming, he was funny. He was also a bit of a cad. That’s the Sean 2% want to hold onto in your memories. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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