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General Hospital Emergency: Memory-Mapping Hot Mess Needs A Medical Miracle

Kim, Franco, Drew, Jason General HospitalKim, Franco, Drew, Jason General Hospital

OK, hold up General Hospital. We were willing to give Franco as Drew a shot and even accept this memory-mapping lunacy if that meant Anna never slept with Faison, but now this is just something that needs to end sooner rather than later.

At Soap Hub, we watch soaps for a living. We look at every story nuance, every clue, pull it apart, and then watch it all come together. Between us, our staff has decades worth of experience writing about soaps. It’s an odd way of life, but since this is what we do, we have a lot of questions on this latest memory-mapping turn of events. A LOT.

We are glad GH attempted to ‘clear up’ that it was indeed 2012 when Drew and Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) were talking about Kim (Tamara Braun) and that Kim did indeed give birth to Oscar in 2002. Sadly, it was cleared up with a super flimsy reason for why Kim and Drew (Billy Miller) never spoke again after their 2002 affair.

Kim just decided to NOT tell this man she was pregnant, not look him up, NOTHING in 10 years. She knew where he went. She knew he was in the military. He didn’t just disappear. They broke up BEFORE she knew she was pregnant. She didn’t think this would change things?

And Drew? He wrote Kim for two years and never tried finding her after that when currently (and in the 2012 he lives in) she is the only person he thinks about.

He never came home ONCE during those 10 years and tried to seek her out? Surely, he wasn’t deployed on the front lines in Afghanistan for 10 years straight because that’s not how the United States military works. We can just assume he did come home, but he never found ANYONE else in 10 years. The real Drew sure did. Her name was Sam (Kelly Monaco).

And what about the real Drew? In the five years he lived in Port Charles first as Jake Doe, then Jason Morgan, and finally Drew Cain, he was still one character. And that character was a pretty awesome and selfless guy.

He definitely didn’t have a strange accent and he certainly didn’t disregard a person’s feelings just because he had no memory of what that person was talking about. Even when he had NO memories, he still cared about Sam.

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