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The General Hospital Earthquake: A Turning Point For Jason and Sam?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

When an earthquake hits Port Charles on Friday, the fallout next week will clearly be dramatic for this entire General Hospital (GH) town. Lives will be changed forever, and that includes Jason and Sam’s.

For some reason, both Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are at the Quartermaine mansion when the quake rocks everyone to their core. (Perhaps Sam is dropping off her kids, because maybe it’s the same soap day as today.)

According to published reports, Sam does NOT want to stay there. Instead, she wants to find Drew (Billy Miller).

Ever the chivalrous one, Jason is willing to help her do that via his motorcycle as it can maneuver the damaged roads better than a car, but the journey is a perilous one that will bring the pair closer together.

They don’t seem to make it to Drew (who happens to be with Kim during this catastrophe…hmmm…), but they do see others who need help and help they give.

However, when they reach a particularly life and death situation, they become quintessential “Jasam”–and that might change things for a lot of people.

It’s been clear Sam is still as torn as ever between these two men who she’s called Jason, despite her divorcing the real Jason and marrying the one she now knows as Drew. Sam even kissed the real deal on New Year’s Eve. And, you know what they say about who you kiss on NYE…

As an aside, Drew may have not kissed Kim on New Year’s Eve, but he was with her. That could mean nothing–or is could mean a whole lot of something. We guess we’ll have to just tune in and find out.

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