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General Hospital Character Of The Week: Krazy Kim Couldn’t Stop Talking

Kim General HospitalKim General Hospital

If there’s one thing we’ll remember from the week that was on General Hospital, it’s that Kim showed us all she’s most likely been a hot mess since day one. And, when we think about it, we should have all known.

For months, Kim was seen and not heard. Oscar’s mysterious mother who allowed him to do all sorts of things and go all sorts of places at age 14 while living in a brand-new town. (This writer has a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old and neither one has ever ridden in an Uber, but we digress.)

She knew her son was hanging around with the stepdaughter of a mobster, but waited for a Thanksgiving invite to confront that situation. And, eventually, we all learned she’d also been keeping her son’s terminal brain cancer a secret for years, even from her son. Ok, WHO DOES THAT?

And now that Oscar is dead, well, what does she want? She wants to create a brand-new version that she expects will NOT develop brain cancer.

Boyfriend Julian says nope? Hey, why not call on Oscar’s dad whose memories of conceiving him are on a flash drive somewhere in his room at the Q mansion we assume?

Drew seemed more horrified than Julian at this thought and backed away as quick as he could — especially when he learned he was second choice for this job. And, that Kim firmly believed Oscar was contacting them from the other side.

When Drew made a beeline for the door, she picked up the phone and called…Shiloh? Really? She called Shiloh? SHILOH????!!!

Like Shiloh, we all thought …continue reading on the next page —>

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