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General Hospital Character Recap: Molly Lansing Davis

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She’s a brainy beauty who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or champion the underdog. But it’s an inescapable fact that General Hospital’s Molly Lansing Davis has also inherited her mother’s deep-seated neurosis and selfish ways.

Who Is Molly Lansing?

Molly is the only daughter of former marrieds Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis and the maternal sister of Kristina Adela and Samantha McCall.

The stress of riding inside a train that suddenly derailed induced Alexis’s labor and the necessary delivery via C-section was carried out by Robin Scorpio – with the aid of the dining car’s utensils!

Though Ric and Alexis had been readying themselves for a divorce, Molly’s birth emboldened them to give their marriage another chance. However, Ric’s subsequent affair with Sam proved to be the final indignity.

Both parents sought sole custody and it was Ric’s petition that was granted. But thanks to the machinations of his father, Trevor, Ric agreed to give physical custody of Molly to Alexis, and the two parents eventually settled on joint legal custody.

In Love With Love 
Her stance on love and wedding ceremonies may have changed over the years (and to the point where she refused to even consider the possibility of marrying her longtime beau), but there was once a time when Molly was an incurable romantic who delighted in playing Cupid.

She arranged numerous rendezvouses between Sam and Jason Morgan and worked alongside Kristina to push Alexis towards Mac Scorpio. Her faith in the power of love was severely tested when it appeared that Brenda Barrett had been killed only moments after exchanging vows with Sonny. Thankfully, the explosion hadn’t harmed anyone, and Brenda was actually alive and well.

Prior to Brenda’s “resurrection,” Molly had sworn she would never again indulge in one of her favorite past times – reading romance novels. However, with Brenda alive and well, not only did she resume her reading, but she penned one of her own!

Bolstered by praise from Starr Manning, Molly planned to have the book read by publisher Todd Manning… but it was stolen by Connie Falconeri and published under her name.

Adventurous Spirit

Like many a young Port Charlesian before her, Molly seems imbued with the spirit of adventure. She and Morgan concocted a plan that successfully freed a captured Johnny Zacchara and then she worked to prove Rafe Kovich Jr. innocent of the murder of his mother, Alison.

She also investigated Julian’s claim that he had severed ties with his former underworld associates as well as the true motivations of the recently arrived Shiloh and his “Dawn of Day” coalition.

For a time, Molly feared that she was exhibiting symptoms of bipolar disorder but Shawn Butler helped her understand that she was actually suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome – the result of surviving a bus crash months earlier.

Young Love – It’s Complicated

Molly has been romantically linked to TJ since their high school days and the couple has weathered many a crisis. She stood by him as he untangled his complicated parentage and he supported her while she sought to clear Rafe’s name (though he trusted the young man immensely).

Both feared they would die after coming into contact with contaminated water but an antidote was developed. A plethora of other crises followed (Ric’s presumed murder, Jordan’s supposed involvement with the Jerome crime family, and an earthquake that devastated the apartment they shared), but Molly and TJ faced them together.

Molly Davis – Present Day
Molly’s sudden aversion to marriage complicated her relationship with TJ – as did his abduction by Cyrus Renault’s underlings – which led to her one-night stand with Brando Corbin. And while the young lovers have compromised on a domestic partnership, it’s only a matter of time before Molly’s tryst becomes public knowledge. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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