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General Hospital Character Recap: Cameron Webber

Like many a General Hospital teen before him, Cameron Webber has had to grow up fast and learn life’s lessons the hard way.

Who Is Cameron Webber?

Cameron Steven Webber is the product of the very married Elizabeth Webber Lansing’s one night stand with Alexander “Zander” Smith. Though Elizabeth and her husband, Ric, planned to raise Cameron as their own, the marriage eventually ended in divorce and Cameron was instead reared by his mother and her second husband, Lucky Spencer.

Early Days
Change and profound loss were the two constants in Cameron’s life. He gained a baby brother – Jacob Martin – but lost his father figure when Lucky learned that baby Jake’s biological parent was Jason Morgan.

For a time, Cameron and his sibling lived with Elizabeth and Jason but after they were menaced by goons hired by one of Jason’s ex-girlfriends, Elizabeth attempted to reconcile with Lucky.

However, the Spencer marriage truly ended when Liz had yet another affair – which produced yet another brother for Cameron – Aiden. Two DNA tests revealed Nikolas to be the father but less than a year later, a remark that he looked like Lucky caused Liz to run yet another test — which confirmed Lucky was his dad.

As the years passed by, Cameron suffered further disappointment and trauma. First, he mourned for Jake, who was assumed to have been run over and killed by his paternal grandfather. Then Lucky (grieving the loss of his wife, Siobhan) exited his life. And even after Jake was revealed to be alive, the family had to deal with the brainwashing he had been subjected to.

Fire Starter

In his youth, Cameron became fascinated by fire and took to playing with matches in secret. When caught, he was severely chastised by Elizabeth. However, he continued with his endeavor none the less.

Fearing reprisal once he was caught a second time, Cameron fled the house – unaware that one of the lit matches he left behind had started a fire! The Webber abode was destroyed in the subsequent blaze…and it nearly claimed the lives of Elizabeth and Aiden.

Years later, Cameron unwittingly knocked over a candle during a party held at the Cassadine estate which resulted in property damage and left his cousin, Spencer Cassadine, horribly scarred.

While still in grade school, Cameron became besotted with Emma Scorpio-Drake but his affection for the girl caused friction between him and Spencer (who also had a crush on her).

Spencer schemed with Josslyn (who harbored feelings for Cameron) to come between the pair but the roundabout came to naught. Years later, Cameron fell for Josslyn but she was taken with Oscar Nero.

Upon learning that Oscar was dying of an inoperable brain tumor, Cameron softened towards his rival and the two became close during Oscar’s waning days. Cameron even attempted to purchase Oscar some marijuana, which resulted in him being arrested and sentenced to community service.

When Oscar passed, Cameron stepped up and offered Josslyn the support she desperately needed – all the while hoping that perhaps she could open her heart to him just as she had to Oscar.

Family Trouble

Cameron was far from enthused when Elizabeth began dating (and eventually married) Franco Baldwin – a former serial killer. Cameron worried about Elizabeth’s safety, even after he was assured that Franco’s actions were the result of a brain tumor.

He also grew concerned over Aiden, who was being tormented at school by bullies like Charlotte Cassadine. Cameron’s troubles were further compounded when he was held hostage by Shiloh and his freedom was secured only after Franco submitted to a memory transfer procedure.

Cameron Webber – Magnet for Disaster
Cameron found himself abducted once again, but this time he was collateral damage – it was Cameron’s date, Trina Robinson, whom the criminals really wanted.

Both teens were rescued, but Trina’s father, Marcus Taggert, was mortally wounded during the shootout that followed. The trauma drew the two even closer and to their surprise, they shared a kiss!

Afterward, they decided the most prudent course of action would be to remain friends… but friendship has a way of blossoming into something more. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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