The Young and the Restless Speculation: Should Nikki and Victoria Expose Adam’s Past?

Nikki and Victoria on The Young and the RestlessNikki and Victoria on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless viewers now know the truth! Victor (Eric Braeden) didn’t kill AJ! Adam (Mark Grossman) did! Victor was the hero who flew in to take care of the situation. He paid off the coroner to say his death was an accident, then kept the secret, even as pre-teen Adam blocked out the entire incident.

Today Is For Adam

That is until Adam tried to use what he knew about “Victor” killing AJ to blackmail his dad into installing Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises – and kicking presumed heir apparent Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to the curb.

Victor told Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) knew why he was going along with it. And Nikki told Victoria. And Victoria taunted Adam into asking Victor. Victor told Adam, who refused to believe it. And Nikki refused to feel sorry for the man who was keeping her baby from getting what she wanted.

Victor warned his wife and daughter to step down. Victor would handle it. Should Nikki and Victoria step back and let Victor handle it? Or should they blow the truth wide open – and bring Adam down once and for all?

What’s In It For Me?

Victor told Nikki he expected her to be more empathetic: She also killed a guy as a kid. But Nikki wasn’t feeling it. Victor can give a damn about his non-Nikki children, Adam and Abby. But Nikki knows where her priorities lie. She’s here for Victoria and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow), first. And if that means destroying Adam? Cool.

Victoria feels the same. For the moment, she’s back in the big chair. Even though Victor made a frowny face and told her she’s lost his respect. Victoria doesn’t care about that. Should she also not care about check-mating Adam for good, and making sure the world knows what he’s done?

Will it be mother and daughter versus father and son? How do you feel about this speculation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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