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General Hospital: 5 Pivotal Moments From This Past Amazing Week

General HospitalGeneral Hospital

Soap opera stories either crawl or fly by, meaning that sometimes we have to miss big developments. Never fear, Soap Hub is here to fill you in on what you missed last week on General Hospital.

General Hospital: A Plethora of Hostages

Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) sped off in Bobbie’s car with Wiley and made his way to The Haunted Star determined to hold up there until Peter (Wes Ramsey) could bring him some much-needed cash to make his escape into Canada.

Dev (Aston Arbab), who was also on the ship phoned Jason (Steve Burton) for help but instead made contact with Sam (Kelly Monaco) who was carrying his phone.

Ms. McCall arrived and learned, to her horror, that not only was she and Dev now a hostage but Shiloh also had Wiley! Sam managed to convince Shiloh to free the young ones but then found herself at the mercy of the madman who planned to rape her.

So Long Shiloh

Jason arrived and seemingly ended Shiloh with a bullet but his would-be victim was wearing a bulletproof vest. After finding Jason alone on the deck, Shiloh took the opportunity to emerge from the shadows and attack him!

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Just as Shiloh stood poised to finish Jason off with a blunt instrument, Sam arrived and fired a signal flare into his back. Stunned and in great pain, Shiloh tumbled overboard the ship. Police divers recovered the body and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) made a formal I.D. of the corpse when it was brought to GH.

Best Laid Plans

Carly (Laura Wright) suddenly went into labor, a development that sent the mother to be into a full-blown panic since her scheduled C-section was still two weeks away. Jason spirited her to the hospital and Sonny (Maurice Benard) arrived just in time to be by his wife’s before the start of the delicate procedure.

General Hospital: Heartbreak Hotel

Julian (William deVry) paid Kim (Tamara Braun) a surprise visit and was devastated to learn that not only had she slept with Dranco (Roger Howarth) but she had been ready to flee town with him.

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