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Friends Till the End: What’s Next For Oscar and Cam on General Hospital?

Cam and Oscar General HospitalCam and Oscar General Hospital

General Hospital hasn’t had a major teen scene since Lucky, Liz, Nikolas, and Emily, but that looks ready to change now that Joss and Oscar have been joined by a finally-aged Cameron.

(Their contemporaries, Spencer and Emma, are still kids, though, apparently).

Of course, it’s a mystery how long the trio will last, what with Oscar (Garren Stitt) dying of a brain tumor.

And, while it was vaguely inappropriate for Elizabeth, she filled Cam in on Oscar’s condition. Now that Cam knows, will he and Oscar become friends – briefly? Over 4,000 fans voted!

You Gotta Have Friends!
Over 62% of you believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Viewers don’t know this NuNuCam too well yet, but the Cam they did know was a sweet kid. He’s bound to feel sorry for Oscar, even if he can’t explain why, and start treating him better.

Besides, love triangles always work better when they two guys are friends and can make grand sacrifices for each other. Though is Joss (Eden McCoy) really that great of a prize to give up?

Joss is Boss
Did someone say Joss? Yeah, no, 37% of the audience is shaking their heads. As long as there’s a girl in the way, Cam and Oscar can never be friends, no matter what’s growing in whose brain.

Not to mention that Joss is the sort of girl who will play one boy against the other – she’s a chip off the old Carly (Laura Wright), after all.

Even if it looks like the two may be finding common ground, Joss will find some way to ruin that. She wants all attention focused on her at all times, thank you very much.

And once the truth does come out, Joss won’t be sharing the tragedy spotlight with anyone.

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