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Franco And Liesl Have Plenty To Be Guilty Of…But They Don’t Care

Franco and Liesl General HospitalFranco and Liesl General Hospital

After years off stage, Liesl Obrecht surprised us at the General Hospital Nurses Ball by singing the ultimate song in the world for her — and this time she had a hilarious assist from none other than Franco — and it was absolute perfection!

We got the first hint that something hinky was going down when Franco (Roger Howarth) got tongue-tied around Liz (Rebecca Herbst). We knew something must be about to happen but no one could have foreseen this awesomeness.

It wasn’t easy following up Finn (Michael Easton) proposing to Anna (Finola Hughes) but Liesl (Kathleen Gati) likes to rise to a challenge, and boy, did she. After all, singing a Barbra Streisand tune like Guilty isn’t easy! She came onstage looking oh-so-glamorous. But those of us who know the tune, know it’s a duet.

So when the male voice was heard (but not seen), singing the line, “It ought to be illegal,” it was hilarious to see Liz look at a shocked Cam (Will Lipton) and mouth, “Did you hear that?” and point up.

That moment was matched by the look of horror on Liesl’s niece’s face (and Franco’s ex), Nina (Michelle Stafford).

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In fact, all the reactions in the audience kicked the whole experience up several notches. From Cam getting the giggles as his stepfather performed (what kid wouldn’t?) to Carly’s (Laura Wright) mild look of disgust, to Ava (Maura West) kind of digging it — until the two did their mic drop — just perfection.

Add to that the choreography, Howarth and Gati’s fantastic voices (and she had to sing while keeping her Obrecht accent–not easy!!), and the meaning the lyrics, it was a fabulous GH moment that had us at Soap Hub cheering. Bravo to all involved!

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