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First Love: Should Laura and Scott Reunite On General Hospital?

Scotty and Laura General HospitalScotty and Laura General Hospital

Just the other day on General Hospital, Laura was advising Lulu on how to balance a past love against a current one. And the person she used as an example was not the obvious person, the one who most people associate her name with, the father of the girl she was actually speaking to, but Scott (Kin Shriner), Laura’s (Genie Francis) first love. (If you don’t count the older man who was only using her as a way to get to her mother, and whom Laura eventually killed, forgot about, and let her mother take the blame.)

General Hospital Polling

Scott is obviously still on Laura’s mind, even ahead of other candidates. Could there be something romantic brewing on that horizon? What almost 5,000 fans told us about that:


Ahem, 87% of you would like to remind, Laura is MARRIED! Remember Kevin (Jon Lindstrom)? Yeah, her husband, that guy. Sure, Luke (Anthony Geary) may not have cared about Laura’s wedded state when he spirited her off on the adventure of a lifetime. (OK, she insisted on coming along, so let’s say they were both equally absent-minded on that score.) But Scott knows what it’s like to dumped by the woman who promised till death do us part. He wouldn’t do that to Kevin. Even if Laura wanted to. Which she won’t. Because she’s MARRIED.

One More Time

It’s not like Laura and Scotty’s love is ancient history, a much smaller 7% of the audience points out. They weren’t just married in the previous century. They were more recently married in this one. So, it’s just past history. And those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. So, yeah, a Laura and Scott reunion could be interesting.

Front and Center

A last-place 5% are up for it, but only if your faves get front burner treatment. If most of their relationship takes place off-stage, you’re not interested, thanks.

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