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Father Figure: Is Marshall Really Curtis’s General Hospital Dad?

General Hospital Curtis Ashford and Marshall

After (possibly) beating up Joey Novack, muscling in on some musical acts, and generally all-around lurking, the solitarily named Marshall (he claims it’s actually Marshall Thomas Ashford) has revealed himself to be Curtis Ashford’s General Hospital father.

General Hospital Polling

Surprise! Curtis (Donnell Turner) isn’t buying it. Are you? Here’s what GH fans had to say about the guy who claims to be a part of the family:

GH: Not As It Appears

Barely more than half of you, 52%, are buying what Marshall (Robert Gossett) is selling. Yup, he’s Curtis’s long-lost daddy, all right. Sure, Curtis’s mom told him the man died while on a business trip when Curtis was still a tot. But she could have been misinformed. She could have been lied to. Or she can be the one who was lying. Lots of soapy options.

General Hospital: Who Cares

A more cold-hearted 35% of the audience doesn’t care if it’s true or not. It probably is. But it doesn’t matter. Marshall chose to keep away from his family for several decades. Well, now his family can keep away from him…forever.

You don’t care what sad story he’s peddling, it’s too little too late to ever start again, as Deniece Williams and Johnny Mathis sang to us back in the day. He can go ahead hanging out with the mob and covering his face. Curtis will go on with his life as if their conversation never happened.

GH: Long Con

He’s a liar, 13% of the viewers dismiss. This has something to do with the mob, or with some other case Curtis investigated back in the day. The point is, Curtis is doing the right thing.

He shouldn’t get attached and he shouldn’t pay any mind. Let the old guy crawl back under whatever rock he came out from under, and go bother his own family. Because Curtis isn’t it.

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