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Fear City: Which General Hospital Mobster Really Rules Port Charles?


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You would think that on a show called General Hospital, the most popular profession would be doctor and/or nurse. You would be wrong. The most popular profession is Mafia member (with an honorable mention for the lawyers who defend them and the molls who love them).

General Hospital Polling

But who is the absolutely bestest mobster ever in Port Charles? We bring over 3,000 of the most popular votes ever! The answer won’t come as a shock to most! Read on for the results:

Now And Forever

It’s Sonny (Maurice Benard). It always was Sonny, and it always will be Sonny, according to 64% of you. Even missing and presumed dead, Sonny can do no wrong. If he kills people, it’s for the right reason. If he refrains from killing people, it’s for the right reason. If there is no rhyme or reason, it’s still right. There is nothing we can say to laud Sonny that hasn’t already been said by Carly (Laura Wright), Michael (Chad Duell), and the rest of his fan club.

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Next In Line

Carly doesn’t even technically run Sonny’s organization, but she is his many times’ wife, and that’s enough for 20% of the audience. She is keeping Sonny’s seat warm and steps in when Jason (Steve Burton) when he’s shot and out of commission, and the flame of Sonny’s memory alive. There is no higher calling than that.


Only 12% voted for Sonny’s right-hand man, Jason, likely because, though he fills out a black T-shirt nicely, Jason isn’t exactly what you’d call… smart. He’s the brawn of the operation, but no one ever thought he could be the brain.

The Enemy

And in last place with 4%, of course, is Cyrus (Jeff Kober). He does not love Sonny, so obviously he does not have his priorities straight. Maybe if he gets it together, stops worrying, and learns to love the right mob, we can one day embrace him too. For now, though, he’s just a thug with mommy issues. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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