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Can You Imagine A Carly And Jason Hookup On General Hospital?

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Before Sonny, before Jax, before even AJ, General Hospital (GH) bad girl Carly was hooking up with equally bad boy Jason. She was with Tony Jones at the time and he was her “boy on the side”–but you could always tell there was more for her, at least back then.

He… liked her well enough. Jason even claimed to father Michael and watched him while she dealt with some postpartum depression and high-tailed it out of town.

It wasn’t until Carly’s (then-Sarah Brown) first bout of hate sex with Sonny (Maurice Benard) that Jason stated they were never, ever getting back together.

He had found true love of his own with Robin (Kimberly McCullough). And Liz (Rebecca Herbst). And Sam (Kelly Monaco).

And then he “died.” And then he came back. But things are complicated now. With everything so confused, is it possible Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton) might find their way back to one another, for good this time? Over 7,500 fans offered their thoughts on that potential development.

That would be a ‘no’ from 88% of you.

One Night Only
Their initial relationship was a one-night stand. Well, a series of one-night stands. And 6% of the audience accepts that it might happen again.

The fact is, there was obviously a physical attraction there once upon a time. And Carly’s love for Jason has been more constant than her insane ups and downs with Sonny. And Jax. And guys like Alcazar and Franco (Roger Howarth) whom she uses as fillers when the other two aren’t squabbling over her.

In the Stars
And then there are the 5% who see Carly and Jason as inevitable. She’s never gotten over him, really, and Carly is the only woman who has ever accepted Jason exactly as he is. She never tried to change him. Jason will realize they’re endgame. Someday. Soon. (In another soap reality?)

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