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Exclusive Interview: General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Talks About Life

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We sat down with General Hospital star Johnny Wactor to chat with him about his hobbies, how he spends his weekends, and how he has been reflecting on his life. He tells Soap Hub all about it in this exclusive chat.

Johnny Wactor Talks About Life

What are you most looking forward to now that things are getting back to normal?
I am most looking forward to going to restaurants with my girlfriend and getting back into my climbing gyms to train with their equipment that I don’t have at home.

Have you found any new hobbies or projects to work on?
I haven’t really discovered any new hobbies. I’ve just double-downed on doing things I love. I have gotten better at cooking though.

What is your favorite way to spend the weekend, usually?
My weekends are usually spent working behind the bar or prepping for General Hospital or going climbing somewhere.

What television show would fans be surprised you never miss?
No show in particular. However, I’ve really enjoyed watching Parks and Rec. Such a funny cast and writing.

What other riveting television do you watch?
I watch a few episodes of anything recommended to me. If it hooks me in the first few episodes then I’ll finish the season. I loved Ozark. Especially Season 3.

Favorite television show when you were a kid?
All That, Guts, The Tomorrow People, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats.

What movie do you never get tired of?
Forest Gump.

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What is your favorite sport to play?
Aside from climbing, I love playing pick-up games of basketball and football. Been playing tennis more too. And I love boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What’s your favorite summer activity?
Climbing always but other than that, swimming and boating.

Who is the last famous person you’ve met?
All the OG cast members on General Hospital! Outside of that, it would be Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi. I got to work with them in Westworld. Great guys.

Most people consider it a job they couldn’t or wouldn’t do, but you’d like it?
Rescue swimmer.

What is the biggest event you’ve attended?
Some fringe Oscar viewing ceremonies/parties.

What one event do you wish you hadn’t missed?
Clemson’s last two national championship wins.

Did you change your workout routine during lockdown? What was it then, and what was it now?
Not too much change. I just climbed outside instead of indoors. I climb, run, play sports, lift weights, do HIIT workouts, and swim.

Is there any place you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t?
Hawaii. Not sure when I’ll go, but it has it all. Beaches, rain forest, mountains. It’s a dream!

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