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Do Michael and Nelle Deserve a Chance at Romance?

Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier on General HospitalChad Duell and Chloe Lanier on General Hospital

In spite of her mission to exact revenge against Carly, Nelle seems to have fallen for Carly’s kindly son Michael on General Hospital.

A genuine friendship has developed between the twosome, and Michael (Chad Duell) has expressed interest in taking things a step further. Meanwhile, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) has been fighting her attraction to Michael, clearly not wanting to get distracted from her plan. The fact that she’s convinced Sonny (Maurice Benard) they had a one night stand has only added to the conundrum. At this point, is a relationship between Nelleand Michael even possible? And would viewers like to see one develop? Some 5,000 fans weighed in, and your votes were heavily skewed in one direction.

No, She’s Bad News
The vast majority of GH fans, an overwhelming 82%, are totally against any semblance of a romance between Michael and Nelle. Michael’s too good a guy to get caught up in Nelle’s web, and Nelle’s simply not good enough for him. She’s been plotting against the Corinthos family from the minute she stepped foot in Port Charles. If Michael ends up falling for Nelle, he’s destined for heartbreak.

If She Makes Peace with Carly
Some 16% of you could totally get on board the Michael/Nelle love train. However, it’s contingent upon one thing: she has to forsake her vendetta again Carly and make peace with her. Today, we got the idea that she could be Carly’s adoptive dad’s daughter, but is that a reason for her actions?

Then, she needs to fess up to Sonny that they never slept together and explain why she deceived him. If Sonny can forgive her and move on, you’re willing to do the same and give Michael and Nelle a chance.

Absolutely, They’re Sweet
A tiny 2% of fans are totally for a Michael/Nelle coupling. You feel he brings out the best in her. Namely, Nelle’s sweet softer side. When she’s interacting with Michael one-on-one, Nelle is a different person. There’s no sign of viciousness or vindictiveness. Even though she came to town with a devious agenda, you think she’ll eventually abandon it because of her feelings for Michael.

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