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Death Becomes Port Charles: Should Ryan Kill Yet ANOTHER Major Character?

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General Hospital brought an old-time serial killer back from the dead to do… more serial killing. But has Ryan Chamberlain done enough this time around?

After all, some soaps use serial killers to clean house, so to speak, killing off major characters that either aren’t working for fans or ones played by actors who opt to leave the soap.

Kiki’s death was for the latter reason. Hayley Erin’s making the leap into primetime with the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, so Kiki had to go.

Sure, she could have just left town or been recast, but why not use a resurrected serial killer to add more angst and drama to an exit story?

Should GH give us one more gruesome death of a character we’re attached to, a la Kiki, or was Lauren Katherine Jerome enough. Nearly 17,000 of you weighed in on this question.

Leave well enough alone, say 82% of you who don’t seem to want a serial killer in Port Charles anyway. (Wasn’t Paul Hornsby recent enough?) If you must have one roaming around, stick to the one-off characters nobody really cares about.

You don’t want to mourn yet another beloved character or see more of your favorites crying their eyes out.

What do you think? Post a comment!

The other 18% of you say bring it on. So far, Ryan’s (Jon Lindstrom) other victims have been recurring players, the last one being a character we barely met.

Although we got to know Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) over the summer, these bit character killings don’t pack as much of a punch as murdering a major one like Kiki.

Besides, there are some newer characters you haven’t grown attached to you wouldn’t mind losing to make room for more veteran characters on your screen. We won’t name names, but they certainly exist.

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