Dealin’ Down on Dillon: Should General Hospital (GH) Recast?

General Hospital Dillon RecastGeneral Hospital Dillon Recast

The Dillon is gone… long live the Dillon? General Hospital (GH) just announced letting Robert Palmer Watkins go–and then the question of a recast has reared its head.

Is this just a matter of an actor not fitting a writer’s vision, or is the role itself the problem?

Over 3,000 viewers weigh in on whether Dillon Quartermaine should be recast:

Oh, Bother!
Why bother, wonder 40% of you who found the character to not be written as he should. How could any child of Tracy (Jane Elliot) and the weaselly Paul Hornsby be so boring? His crush on Lulu (Emme Rylan) was a waste of air-time, and the relationship with Kiki (Hayley Erin) was never taken to its full potential.

Maybe if he’d actually done something interesting while he was there, you’d be clamoring for a replacement, but despite the talented actor, the character was wasted.

What do you mean, getting rid of a Quartermaine, thunder a dissenting 30%? We don’t have a lot to spare! Losing Tracy was bad enough, and who knows where Monica (Leslie Charleson) is most of the time?

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You took Alan (Stuart Damon), you took AJ (Sean Kanan)–leave us Dillon! If not in the form of Robert Palmer Watkins, then someone else.

Preferably equally hot, please.

It’s the Story, Stupid
Finally, an equal 30% are taking a separate tack. It’s not just a Quartermaine you want on your screens, it’s a Quartermaine with a good story.

You don’t want Dillon for the sake of history, or just so Michael (Chad Duell) has a cousin in town for his regular repudiation of the Corinthos name and two-second embrace of his biological legacy.

If you want to keep Dillon and Kiki going, give them something interesting to do beyond looking cutesy. These are the kids of Tracy and Ava (Maura West) – they bad mothers! And Dillon and Kiki should be too! No matter who is playing him!

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